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This is a short Malta selection from the photo-album of John Zammit - for pictures abroad click here                click on photos to enlarge

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Press conference 25-10-2008

Press conference 25-10-2008

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Journalists from Lithuania and Denmark interviewing 1-11-2008

Anti-ACTA activity 11-02-2012

Anti-ACTA activity 11-02-2012

Anti-ACTA activity 11-02-2012

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Press conference 25-10-2008

The two party-leaders, John Zammit ALDM and Joseph Muscat MLP, playing football in Malta


The leader waiting for debates in the party-office

John Zammit street-canvassing

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John Zammit street canvassing

John Zammit street-canvassing

John Zammit presented as Peace Ambassador

JZ with Dr. Emmy Bezzina and Minister Dolores

JZ with members of Siggiewi band club

JZ canvassing at Malta University spring 2012

JZ with former President Ugo M. Bonnici 03-02-2012

Two dedicated Maltese Europeans: JZ & Simon Busuttil, MEP


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