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by Dr. John Zammit Ph.D. (Lond.) Journalism and Mass Communication (including Law) - Media Consultant and Leader of ALDM

In Malta and abroad especially in Christian (sic) countries December, because of the tradition of Christmas and the beginning of a new year, is renouned as the month of bribery. Certain people, name anybody, waits for their annual hamper, gift, box of whiskey, etc, etc.

I remember, when I was Sub-Editor with l-Orizzont, when certain persons approached me "to shut my mouth" or to bribe me. I never accepted, and I was never afraid, even when they tried to terrify me or threatened and menaced with my life. First of all I come from a family generation, who were all in the police force, including my grand, grandfather, who was murdered while on the beat and running after a thief. He was police constable Serafino Zammit - the second murdered Maltese policeman in the history of the Malta police force in the year 1860.

One day, in the 1990's I attended a seminar about domestic violence and was talking with Deputy Commissioner Mr. Anthony Mifsud Tomasi and I still remember what he told me: "wives send their husbands to steal and at the same time phone the police to catch them and be taken to court and imprisoned". I told him "I cannot believe you". He said: "It is true". And I still don't believe it till today.

Not to take long, I appeal to all, please try to be fair, sincere and not frame your opponent or try to destroy him by lies and false reports to the police, so that you eliminate him.



by Dr. John Zammit - Liberal Party Leader

There is an urgent need of an Authority on the Democratisation of the media, because the Maltese media first of all is controlled by the big political parties. Secondly, the Alleanza Liberal-Demokratika Malta and other small parties are not given coverage, especially e-mails and fax’ or any media releases are not published, and party activities are not attended to or reported.

I am going here to mention by name TVM - Television Malta, Radio Malta, Net TV, Radio 101, One TV, Super One Radio, Smash TV, Smash Radio, L-Orizzont, It-Torca, In-Nazzjon, Il-Mument, Il-Kulhadd. When we report to the Broadcasting Authority we do not receive an answer. ALDM wonders what kind of democracy Malta is, when we are being censored - if by mistake we are on film, especially TVM will cut myself (John Zammit) out, as if I was never there. This is why most of the Maltese do not know about ALDM, and they are surprised, if they happen to bump in the party-name - like it happened in the article in The Times (see story below).

Alleanza Liberal-Demokratika Malta has been active since 26th November 2006 after Dr. Emmy Bezzina decided to go it alone with the Alpha Party. Ever since ALDM has organized an office, a website, a Bank account, a new logo, flags and an executive-committee who meet every Saturday. We have also contacted the European Liberal Democratic Reform Party in Brussels with regular visits and have foreign members, who are giving a helping hand. I have since November of 2006 been seeing the constituents regularly at the Valletta ALDM office and in other places. The courtesy visit, ALDM had by the Hon. Graham Watson, leader of the ALDE/ELDR group in the European Parliament, has confirmed that we represent the European Liberals in Malta. So when we read that certain Maltese and Gozitans today do not know, that in Malta there is a Liberal Party which represents the third largest political group in the European Parliament, something must be wrong, or it is due to the boycott we have from the Maltese media.

That is why I appeal, that an Authority for the Democratisation of the Maltese Media should be founded to control what appears in the media. Not to censor but to see that the media do not suppress certain political parties or progressive non government organizations. With the Parliamentary Committee on Democratisation together, we shall have a true democratic Malta - not as we are today. I wish also to mention, that on the vote - near every candidate's name - there should be the candidates photo like in other countries. This is important and must be done immediately, so that those 20,000 illiterate persons can vote by putting a number next to the persons, they wish elected, and there’ll be no need for them to ask for assistance.

Come on Malta - be really democratic - and don't ask other countries to be democratic when we are not. Dear GonziPN : instead of laughing - be serious and see to the necessary measures as to have a truly democratic and free Malta without the interference of the Church in political matters, that concern the Maltese secular citizens.

LYMEC Dec. 2012:

The Irish government has announced the intention to draft a law which would allow abortion in specific cases, where the life of the woman is endangered.

LYMEC recognises it as a one step towards the full legalisation of abortion, and redefinition of the conservative interpretation of the conception of life and the imposed limitations of individual freedoms, primarily the freedom of choice. LYMEC expresses sorrow that a life had to be lost, not only of Savita Halappanavar, the one that provoked the current move, but of many that have been hidden behind the preaching of pro-life agenda.

Ireland, unlike the rest of Europe, despite of being a signature state of Charter of Fundamental Rights, still treats abortion as a criminal act. Despite the fact that already in 1992, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is not illegal in the cases of a real and substantial risk to a mother's life, as distinct from her health; the government has not enacted legislation to give certainty to doctors as to when terminations can be carried out and under what circumstances. "State as an owner of individual body or free will is by no means acceptable in 21st century Europe, with the majority of states progressing far ahead in the areas of individual and citizens rights."

LYMEC therefore strongly advocates for a free and liberal Ireland and welcomes the small steps made in that direction" said Vedrana Gujic, LYMEC's Vice President.





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